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Why Us?

In the world that we live in today, we are confronted more than ever with a state of constant change. Everything is not only subject to change but to an increasingly fast and accelerated pace of change. This has several effects on us: it may produce unpredictability, instability and with it at times, a transience of personal identity. Our previous points of anchorage or of reference, those that assure us of our place with others, of who we are in the world, may either no longer function as they once did or prove to be less reliant for us.

Of course, constant change also has benefits. There is no doubt that various scientific and technological advances in modernity have transformed our ability to treat the complaints of the body. We now have cures for illnesses which were untreatable just a few short years ago. We can transplant various organs which would have been unthinkable a decade ago. We now live longer but yet we still suffer.

Can we apply the benefit of these changes to the treatment of psychic or mental suffering? Yes, we are aware of many new approaches of counselling and psychotherapy, many of which focus on the “quick fix” or short term solution.

A solution which may not hold over time and which may waver at the next period of your life that is a moment of change (adolescence, separation, loss, bereavement, job change, marital status).

The way of working of Dublin Analytic Practice – the psychoanalytic therapeutic approach, takes up the question of each person’s unhappiness and suffering in its singularity, beyond the idea of one solution fits all. This approach is founded in the particular relationship between the therapist and you, one which we consider to be unique.

In the psychoanalytic clinic we hear your concerns and problems in a way that perhaps may not have been heard before. In turn this can help you to understand what is causing or contributing to your unhappiness. Throughout the therapeutic work, you come to realise and gain a new understanding of how your conscious and unconscious thoughts and ideas are connected and how they determine how you live your life.

This approach highlights your own “expert knowledge” your insight of how it is to be in your world and how you suffer.

In Dublin Analytic Practice, we work together towards a new realisation of how you may come to take up a different position, an-other place with others, an-other sense of who you are in the world.

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