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Counselling Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis


Our approach to therapy in Dublin Analytic Practice is the talking cure whereby we invite you to come and speak about your particular concerns.

Our treatment

First of all, our treatment takes into consideration the singularity of the person, in other words, what is particular to you and what is affecting you, and that which makes you unique and individual.

No two people are the same therefore each person’s’ concern or symptom(s) is unique and specific to them.

Distress can present itself in many ways. This ranges from general unhappiness, low self-esteem, mild anxiety to depression, anxiety or suicidal ideation.

You may be concerned with a sexual problem, relationship issue, a bereavement, an eating disorder, or an addiction.

Or your concerns may be to do with something else entirely.

Our therapeutic approach

Our therapeutic approach explores what directs your feelings and reactions to others, the effect of your family history, relationships and other life experiences that may be playing a part in what concerns you today.

In addition our treatment is tailored to each individual in understanding why each feels and reacts to others and situations in the way that we do.

Furthermore this allows access to a different kind of knowledge about how and why it is that we do the things that we do and make the choices that we make, for example, the choices that we make in love, in work and in other aspects of our life.

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